Disconnected and never reconnecting again

So, I would like to know why live server does not reconnect after being disconnected for a while. This has nothing to do with my wifi or my connection. I had clear connection before going to sleep. For some reason, Apple would send me a “Sign in to your ‘gmail’ account”, a sort of system notification. This seems to like to pop up during some of my overnight flights which simply cuts me off the live server completely since it would take me a few hours before noticing it (I’m asleep).
I just want to know how to make IF reconnect to the live server in any way possible other than restarting my phone or restarting the router because they has nothing to do with my disconnection.

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Notifications pause IF for a fair bit. If the grace period is passed, you’re disconnected with no real way to reconnect.

ah…well, that sucks


There is no way to reconnect after longer period of being disconnected.
This is an active choice we’ve made server side, as it would cause a number of other issues if we allowed it. Such issues as people popping in at very inconvenient locations (on final, in the middle of a runway etc.)

We allow for a shorter period of being disconnected (a few minutes). But anything longer than that, and the session is terminated server side.

Best way to avoid this is to set the device to “Do not disturb” for longer flights. It does not help for certain notifications though, that the system deems to be vital. But in most cases, it’s helpful.

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yea well, that kinda sucks. The system seems to enjoy sending my these “important” notifications when I’m sleeping doing overnighters.

@schyllberg will it affect my landing? as in will it still register the landing?

Happens to me as well, you can disable notifications, that would probably help.

It sucks, indeed.

I’m afraid not. It will only register the data up until you were disconnected.

Its not the normal notifications that pops down from the top of the screen. Its a notification that the system sends asking me to link my gmail account (which I won’t). I need to find the source of it and turn it off

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so in other words, my flight is wasted…

That happens to me a lot, (as previously stated) I just remember to enable ‘Do Not Disturb’ for future flights. We all make mistakes. 🤷‍♂️

(However if it is a system notification, I believe you can try to sign in through your email account which would stop future alerts)

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my “Do Not Disturb” is turned on from 11pm to 8am. Like I said above, its not normal notifications (they do not disconnect me), its the system message (which disconnects me, I’ll be scolding the system in a while). There’s nothing that will stop the system message from coming, except I take actions on it, it won’t go away on its own

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