Disconnected and can’t reconnect?

Plugged in-didn’t realize I had hit the sleep button-as I was working on my laptop-WiFi is good.

Status bar says “network error” but I’ve got plenty good internet.

Any help in the next 1:45 would be really appreciated. Not looking to try to land with the enroute winds static!

If you were on sleep mode you most likely had disconnected for a long period of time, as IF runs on multiple servers and needs them to run. It has most likely given up on you since you weren’t able to reconnect in the timeout phase.

If you disconnect from the servers for a short period of time, it won’t ever reconnect in most cases.

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Is there any way to force it? Not looking forward to ending a 5.5 hour flight like this 🤦‍♂️

I don’t believe so. I’ve heard turning flight mode on and off for about half a minute, but I doubt it.

You mean airplane mode?

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Yes. Same thing -_-

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Wasn’t sure if you meant IF or the phone for a minute there.

Why is this? Any ideas on how to fix this?

Nope. It’s been like that since global came out. Usually my batter notification comes up and it pauses the app, that doing so for a few seconds before being dismissed usually ends my flights for good. Airplane mode trick never worked for me. In 19.3 and .4 there were additions to stop people leaving the app and coming back also so this could play a part.

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