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I would like to know why KLAX Tower didn’t respond to when I called inbound like 3-4 times, I was told before to contact Los Angeles Center which I did, checked in, no responds, was on final and tuned into tower, called on final like 3 times and no respond from tower, when I can clearly hear everyone else’s transmissions. Now that I’m on short final, im told to contact Los Angeles center, which I decided to pull up and go around to contact Los Angeles center, then I got disconnected. This was a 10+ hour flight that really got me pissed.


We have a problem during the control. If you send anything, some times it reaches the controller and some times it doesn’t, and the second problem is that the pilot suddenly gets out of the frequency

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Im pretty sure this isnt the issue

I have experienced a similar issue a few times the past few days, and it is likely linked to a slow internet connection / changing internet network. @Capt_JustinM_1199 how stable was your connection?

I for example experienced this exact issue recently:

  1. A few days ago, when Saudi airports were open, i was flying from Riyadh to Jeddah. Soon after takeoff (5 mins aprox.) my wifi bugged out so i switched quickly to 4g, and then back to wifi a few minutes after and continued to Jeddah- what i didnt realise is that IF servers thought i was still near RUH, where i apparently disconnected - this is confirmed by InfiniteX showing me there, and IF loading planes near RUH only, even though i was almost at Jeddah, and should have been seeing planes there, once again confirmed by InfiniteX.
  2. No more than 48h ago, LIRF-KLAX. Approach starts ok, atc is vectoring me and my wifi lapses again, and disconnects me. Same procedure as before with 4g/wifi, im sending messages repeatedly to atc, no reply for 5 mins, and i can hear all other replies

On both occasions i tried switching between 4g and wifi multiple times, to try to fully disconnect and reconnect “properly”. I did manage it, but app crashed on both occasions soon after, because a discontinuity occurs in the servers regarding where i actually am. Im pretty sure of this, since moments before the game crash at KLAX i could see myself in two places on the minimap - white icon for actual position, and another icon, marked even by my callsign, a few NM behind my actual position, on an FPL leg i had already flown.

Hope this info helps out, and that this isnt becoming a persistent issue, as i dont remember anything similar happening


  • should be noted that on both occasions i was seeing other planes load in, and had all of the green ticks for being online

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