Disconnect in on line mode

hi All,

I already raised this topic in August and got some advices which honestly didn’t helped me to solve my problem.

So, I have an iPad and whenever I would play in “on-line” mode especially when I would use airports where other users play, regardless of their numbers, at the same time after a while the game becomes unresponsive and then it gets me disconnected thus I can’t continue playing…

Can you please advise me some steps to me so that I could resolve this problem?

Thank you!

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What device are you using, what operating system is it operating on, and what settings are you running?

Do you mean getting disconnected from the live server, or a straight up app crash?

Let’s please let the original poster reply before throwing out random ideas with no idea of the problem.

Hi all,

Many thanks for your answers.
My device is IPad mini 2 with 32 GB, sw version is 12.4.5.

As I said this problem always occurs in live server.



Age plays a role in a device’s ability to run applications. Your device is 6 years old. That may be contributing to the problem.

Have you tried turning aircraft numbers to “Low” in settings? That should reduce the strain on your device a tad.

If it’s connection errors you’re having, try moving closer to the router. Infinite Flight is a very WiFi-intensive game and a weakened signal isn’t gonna help your cause.

Yeah you probably need a new device or something. I guess you only have 1G ram which is really low considering devs recommend 1G for IF.
For the time being just turn everything to low.

@thenewpilot It’s probably just low RAM.


i will try what you suggested below.
probably my ipad mini2 can’t fit the min. requirements of this game…

anyway i answered to other questions in community page.


  1. november 2., hétfő dátummal Aviation2929 via Infinite Flight Community <infinite_flight@discoursemail.com> ezt írta:

No, I haven’t tried that.

I have lots of tips now which is appreciated.
I will try all otherwise new iPad need to be asked from Santa Claus…🙂

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