Disconnect from ILS,VOR,NDB frequency

hello, this post is to add an option to disconnect from the frequency of a VOR, ILS, NDB, Etc. since currently it is not possible and it is annoying to have the G / S and LOC markers in the PFD. I hope and be added in the future soon

I think about this othen, an option to clear or remove those frequencies

they should had to think to this.


How in the world are there 0 votes and only one reply? I think this is a fantastic idea, especially if you are doing multiple flights and you don’t want to accidentally use an old VOR!


I am flying a Convetional Navigation flight and I can’t find a way to Tune in to NAV-1 after already having tuned it in. It’s annoying and disconnecting is something that must be possible.

I feel that this feature would save my Cessna

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bumping this because i think this would be an important feature for flights with stopovers