Disconnect from a flight

I’m in a 24 hour flight but I’m at work now and I think I might run out of fuel before I get back home, can I disconnect the flight via my phone or any other way so I dont get a violation?

well that’s up to you to decide how much fuel to take, I would use Simbrief to decide, but if you doing a 24 hour flight I would put full tank in 777-200LR longest range aircraft in IF

So what I’m getting at is that you’re at work, your device on Infinite Flight is at home, and without going home, you would like to end your flight. Am I correct in that assumption?

Yeah, does it work to start a flight on my mobile phone, will that disconnect my iPad?

For context I filled a A339 with 24.11 hours of fuel but I doubt it will last for 24 hours.

You won’t be able to disconnect your device on at home from your phone. If you try to start a flight on the same server, it’ll just tell you that it’s already connected. As for your A330-900neo doing a 24 hour flight, that’s likely going to crash.

At this point, your best bet is to get someone at home to turn off your device for you or you’ll have to deal with a few violations and a crashed plane.

i thought ER was more longer range? as ER is extra long range and LR is long range? maybe google is a fool to me

well ER is extended range, and LR is long range, usually LR’s are longer, and XLR are the longest and Xtra long range, however since ER’s are shorter range they are usually bigger so more passengers, that’s why most airlines like to use it


You could try to lock your phone or something using Find My IPhone (if you have one) idk if that would actually help though and if it would actually close the phone

It said 12 hours when I left at home and the plane could stay airborn for another 9:20 minutes, I’ll be home when I’m at around 20min fuel left, I just wanted to try to disconnect before to not risk it you know. However would the plane be able to fly for longer if the weight decreased from all the fuelconsumption, would that increase the fuel flow efficiency?

What FL are you flying at (Altitude)

FL300 (30000Ft) The Efficiency decreased at above or below.

effiency increases the hugher u go, but idk how high u need to be

Yeah I’m not sure either, I’ll be fine I think.

The jist of your explanation is correct but this part is wrong. The 777-200ER and 777-200LR have the exact same capacity and are the exact same size. Same with the 777-300 and 777-300ER, 747-400 and -400ER, 737-900 and -900ER (though an additional exit raises the exit limit on the -900ER, they are the same length and very few airlines utilize the potential for extra density so effectively they have the same capacity), etc. The 777-200LR didn’t sell very well because it was more expensive to buy and to operate and only filled a pretty niche set of additional routes, not because it held fewer people.

As a side note, Infinite Flight’s fuel metrics are wrong and you’re likely to find more range in a 777-300ER or even a -200ER than you are in a -200LR.

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If both devices are apple you could put it to lost mode and it might work?

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