Disconnect during playing

Hi there, I have a problem of disconnecting during playing in “on -line” mode. I think It is not a wi-fi related problem because I was always on line when it happened…
Probably it is because of my IPad 5- 6 year old or not enough GB on it? It is very frustrating anyway when I would play but it gets me disconnected … when it occurs the game looks like “frozen” and throw me out from the game and I find myself my IPad main page…I’m facing this problem since january this year…
What do you think?
Thank you!

Hi Norbert! Since you device is older it may need to run on lower graphic settings. What are your current graphic settings?

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A 5-6 year old iPad (even without bringing storage into the question) is already going to struggle with the current demands of IF, and as updates continue rolling out, the struggles will continue. I’d recommend you try to lower your graphics settings to the lowest possible if you haven’t done so already, as well as lowering your airplane spawn count. To further reduce the load on your device, quit all unnecessary background apps and lower your screen brightness. A reboot before each flight can help a bit.

Hey! I own a iPad mini 4, which is also a 5/6 year old iPad. Personally playing on the Highest graphics is way too laggy for me and beats my device up so much, therefore I play on Medium-Low settings. I have no background apps running except IFA and IFO and reboot my device before every flight. Try these out and tell us if it works for me.

Hi Guys, Many thanks for your answer. I use high graphic mode so, I will change it to medium. And try to reboot it beford playing… we will see and let you know whether it will solve this or not. Regards, norbert


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