Disconected while approach

Hi, can someone help me? Today while flying I get disconected about 15 minutes before landing at LICJ. But the Wifi was working. I was trying to reconect with turning the Wifi on and off in my phone (samsung a30s) and in the router. Also the ground texture guality was very low and I wasn’t able to see the runway. If you have some ideas why this happened please write it here.

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Was there a red exclamation mark (!) on the top right of your screen? Were you disconnected from the server?

This maybe related to your connection, or if it was only the scenery possibly scenery cache.

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So, the first thing I would do is clear your scenery cache. Then I would check to see how much storage you have.

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Often times this is a temporary connection issue on your side. It could have been a network issue or a wide number of things. Turn off/on airplane mode usually helps.

In some cases low storage space may cause blurry scenery but not the red connection issue.

I would just reboot everything, including your device, and try again and see what your results are.

Yeah I had a red ! mark. Yes I got normaly disconected so I couldn’t contact with LICJ Unicom. Thanks for the answer!

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Yes, this seems like a connectivity issue. If this happens another time, try turning airplane mode on then off, it may solve the issue.

I had this issue once, do what Chris said and it should go back to normal :)

Thanks for replying! Everything is working now. Also thanks for the sugestion of the airplane mode. If I had similar problems in future I’ll turn it on and off. Have a good day!

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