Discolored Box in Screenshot

Device: iPad 10th Generation
Operating system: iOS 17.3.1

When I use the in - app screenshot feature, some shots (I’ve noticed particularly at night or sunrise/sunset) have a noticeable discolored box in the upper left hand corner of the image. Is there a way to rectify this/prevent it, or is it just an unavoidable thing?


This is not the first time that I see it, many members have been trying to share shots in the screenshots and videos category, that uncolored box always appears in the left corner.

Kindly appreciated if someone can explain what it is and how to remove, I experimented that a while ago, cleaned up data and it disappeared, but I won’t count it as an official improvement.


Normal screenshots from your device shouldn’t include the box you’re referring to. I get the same thing if I use the game screenshot feature.

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I am using the in game screenshot function simply because it’s a higher quality image.

It’s a known issue. Sometimes just changing the time of day will make it disappear.


If you adjust the time immediately before taking the screenshot, you will not get the box.


I pressed time and hit sunrise, and then immediately pressed the screenshot button:

That’s good.
I pressed time and hit sunrise. Then I wait 30 seconds before pressing screenshot button:

Box appears

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Yeah, a known issue.

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