It’s very upsetting when you start a 10:50 minute flight from LTBA to KJFK during the night, and when you wake up you’re so tired and assume that you don’t have to manage your flight for another hour or so, but then you see you’ve been disconnected from the live server because you were over speeding below FL100, it’s very unfortunate to see sometimes especially considering it’s a new day and you wake up fresh but then have to sit in disappointment the rest of the morning because so much time was waisted, this is no ones fault except mine, I just really needed to express how I felt so I don’t feel helpless and disappointed for any longer

How bout don’t turn on vanv on a over night. Until you wake up

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VNAV strikes again. Airnico brings up a very good point. Don’t turn on VNAV unless you plan on observing your descent. While VNAV is a nice automation feature to have, its not to be relied on to prevent violations. Violations such as this cannot be removed.


I normally do this, and this has never happened over the many online flights I have done, I calculated the time my VNAV decent began incorrectly I guess

Lessons will be learned by the mistakes we make. Mistakes only make us better as pilots and we won’t make the same mistake again if we’re careful. 🙂