Disappointment with IF

Hello If community, long time no see. I came back to If with the worst possible thing, I was on grade 1. I worked really hard to get to grade 3 but on a AviatorDan stream, a staff member reported me for “going in other people”, and now, I’m stuck on grade 2, because my violations for 1 year is at 6/5. And now I’m stuck on grade 2, what a wonderful way to be welcomed back into IF after, well School

Does anyone have tips that I can get rid of that 6/5?

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You might want to contact staff or just pm appeals but I doubt it will be fixed, especially if it was on a live stream, but you never know… :)

You can also wait for those two extra vios to wear out if you got them a while back, it shouldn’t be too long.

It was during this stream: Infinite Flight Multiplayer - Madrid to London Heathrow! - YouTube

I have to wait another 8 months

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It is only one violation

You can only appeal a report if it’s less than a week old, so the only thing we’ll be able to leave you with is “time heals all wounds”

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I personally would wait for the vio to clear out but if you really want to, DM @appeals or talk to the member that reported you

Well, I mean could I still get all the requirements for grade 3 and then when the time passes I’ll be on grade 3?

That was too long ago unfortunately, so just wait for a bit is all I can say sorry

We gonna ignore this part?

If all the other requirements are there, then you will be grade 3 when the vio wears out.

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You can contact the appeals team by sending a message to @appeals. They will respond when able.