Disappointment with EDDF Centre and Approach :(

Really disappointed with Centre and approach of EDDF. The Approach spun me for 15+ mins and handed me to Centre and Centre. The Centre told airport full. If airport was full why did Approach waste my time. FYI there were not more than 20 planes in the vicinity. They could have updated it on the ATIS instead. Very unprofessional!!!:(


Contact the controllers and speak with them. Nothing anyone can help you with here.

Please note the IFATC are trying their best. I think any person would prefer to wait 15 minutes to ensure they won’t have to go around or even worse, collide with another aircraft. IFATC keeps efficiency and safety in mind. I’m a little confused on why they would hold you for this long with so few aircraft, but IFATC always have their reasons.


@Maxim and @Andy_R were your controllers. You can message them to learn the full extent of your experience.

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I agree but waiting over 15 minutes and then saying airport is full is not the done thing

thanks a lot

I’ve been in contact with the controllers, and they’ve been holding and denying pilots that don’t have required STARs in their flight plan. I’m not going to speculate and say that’s what happened here… but it’s not out of the question.

Please go ahead and do this, you know the controllers, now go and get that explanation. ;)


Yk it’s called a holding pattern. There are trying there best to fit you in and hope that the airport will clear up without having you to divert. Idk how this is unprofessional as it is realistic and many’s many times at very busy airports. So you should be praising them instead of publicly shaming them.


Yes remember that is also FNF meaning that its suspected to be busy at certain points. So just expect it to be busy during FNF the reason for the holds.

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Hmm, quite the difference I see here.

The airport is not full and is still manageable. There were not many planes at the moment. I guess the controller is unable to give vectors to pilots or is not capable enough

It was not so busy also

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How about we stop with this garbage and go PM your controller.


It was a little busy about 30-45 minutes ago. I’d say 15-25 aircraft in the area. It’s died down now.

Hi Rohan. You have sent me a PM. I will respond when I close the frequency, I’m sure I can look at the replay and see what happened. Thanks everyone for directing him to the right place!


Thank you @Maxim

Yet was controllable

And I do say, if you want to address something, this is not the way to do it :) Maxim and Andy are great radar controllers to my knowledge.

As said above multiple times, a simple PM to the controllers is the best solution.


Do you see the difference? This is the died down one, that I just took. Almost seven (2 irl and 14 in game) times what the real Frankfurt is going through.

Give the controllers a break, they’re doing the best they can.

Reach out to the controller.