Disappointing Attendance for ATC Threads (were not forcing attendance)

Hi All I would like to bring somthing to yalls attention. WE ARE NOT Forcing ATTENDANCE WERE JUST BRINGING IT TO PEOPLES ATTENTION

I have been looking at some peoples ATC Threads like @RoBroStar’s and he sadly is having to close his service after being online for 1hr and not getting any participants or maybe just one! :C Now I know that all of yall are living your own lives and some of yall dont have pro but there are 1000’s of yall online all the time from all over the world and there are people trying to get ATC and learn how to control and yall are holding them down even if you come and run the pattern and give things that you thought they did good would be awesome I feel the same way! IFATC People cant be the only people doing threads for people it needs to be the community it is a stressful job and we need to be stressed!

I just wanted yall to know how we as people with ATC Threads Feel :C


Blake | Founder USA ATC

Send your threads below and I will include them in this post


Yeah no one ever goes to my atc thread unfortunately but then again I haven’t opened in a while


Unfortunately that’s just the way things go. Sometimes people are online but are currently flying or at someone else’s tracking thread.

@Connor said this a while ago:
“ Hi!
I can sense your frustration at this. I myself had issues when I had my tracking thread open. You won’t normally get traffic sometimes. Just stay open for at least 30 minutes - an hour and just keep being active. And you’ll get traffic in no time”


I understand that the people who come to tracking threads are volunteers, and there are limited people who are actually available to come to ATC tracking thread sessions. However, it would be awesome if more people could come and help out. Unfortunatly, not much can be done, though.


sadly it is but still there are 1000’s of people out there and people are still asking for more and more airports to be controlled and they won’t be able to if there are no ATC members :C

I remember 1-2 years ago when I would come on here as a non member and atc threads would be packed with people like 3 sometimes 5 people in the pattern

But thousands aren’t open at once. There are many threads but remember not all are open.

Your friend needs to be patient. Waiting is all one can do


You can’t force attendance.