Definitely try flying in expert on days where atc are highly active.

If you are the kind of pilot who would space yourself in a sequence, im sure you will do fine. Those who cannot maintain their own seperation will usually be sent around.


I can see where you’re coming from. As far as giving TS1 ATC Ghosting powers, absolutely not. Thats why im always on Expert because there are much more experienced pilots. “BUT”, caps for a reason, even though expert is great, its not as populated as TS1, which makes some of us Grade 4 and Grade 5 Pilots, who like having 50-100 aircraft on a server, go to the Training server and fly. It’s much more fun to have more people. Unlike Expert where some days, aircraft count doesn’t even go past 40 planes, unless there is a big event, and sometimes the events only have like 35 aircraft.


I wish the amount of traffic on TS1 was on the Expert server


Exp for a pro flight
TS … to show you are a pro I guess
Casual for fighters


Not to mention, that everyone stays in the SoCal region. Very rare to have other regions booming on TS1. I’ve decided to stop flying until Global comes out.


Expert Server all the day. Though it sometimes sucks to fly alone in there the trick is flying in TS 1 but staying out of the way of the peanuts. AVOID KLAX, KNUC , KPSP, KSAN, instead take off from MMTJ and land in KSNA.


I think instead of ghosting just kicking not like a violation

Can you elaborate? Kicking, Violation? What do you think they should do?

So you know how ghosting gives the person a violation well kicking doesn’t give you a violation

Ahh, smart idea. Kinda cool ;)

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As a grade four pilot, you could easily report players who in violation of some of the rules. With enough reports the player will get a ghost, even on TS1.

I’ve addressed a need for change earlier today, take some time to check it out and offer some input. I’m always happy to have a good discussion.


I believe the problem is not with the pilots but the ATC system itself. A possible solution would be to bridge the gap between anyone going on to TS1 and controlling and Expert IFATC. A “TSATC” for example would not allow controlling on Expert but instead all privileges non IFATC currently have with the addition of ghosting. To make sure this responsibility is not abused, a theoretical and practical exam would still be required, only to a lesser standard of that of IFATC. And with a TSATC, to become IFATC you would require x number if hours and additional knowledge in a second theoretical exam, no longer allowing people to go from nothing to IFATC, These “TSATC” hours would be a requirement. Thus there would be a grading system for ATC.

This is just my solution to a growing problem, what do you guys think?


Of course you should on expert and if you are wrong fully ghosted i’m sure the mods will be able to help. 100% start flying on expert their is no reason not to.

What doesn’t help is that the , " report user" function has been disabled on the TS , so any offenders can roam freely on the TS.


I wish it showed if you were reported, like when you are ghosted it could say in the bar at the top of the screen “you have been reported… if behavior does not improve you will be ghosted”
(Something along those lines)


Expert server is where it’s at. Training server consists of people (not all) who don’t care about the rules.

What on earth would a TSATC test consist of that a IFATC test doesn’t? Further more how would you even know how to control if you aren’t permitted to play around with it to begin with?

There’s at least one idiot left on solo mode, eh @speedbird203? 😂


This has been discussed at length and is being taken under advisement. Reporting on TS1 was removed due to mass group-reporting and patrolling. Further, adding tutorials in-app has been in discussions. There’s really no need to keep rehashing the same ideas without any knowledge of the inner workings. Thanks for all of the input.