Disappointed in IFATC service today

So I got home from school, and saw that my original flight idea was being used by plenty of other people. I decided to then go unique and fly a C130, so I did. Fast forward to my approach. I request a landing a OIII
The approach guy vectors me into the OIIE pattern, so I think. Okay, maybe it’s just busy, and he made a mistake. I request again for OIIE, and he continues to give me vectors for OIII. I decide to assume the best and assume that instead of turning me onto final, He’ll make me go straight ahead into OIII.
Now, we’re at that point. I’m notice my altitude is way too low, as I am still about 20NM off from my intended final. Suddenly, I’m cleared to approach OIIE. Now, it’s starts annoying me. I told him on 3 occasions already that I don’t want OIIE, but OIII. I decide to announce a missed approach, and the guy decides to manually vector me onto OIIE final. Suddenly he tells me to follow instructions or I’ll be reported.

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Please contact the controller in question for help resolving the situation. FNF is always a hectic time for controllers and, despite the best of intentions, these things happen.

Just like here, it’s easy to mix up two similar codes.

Feel free to contact myself or any of the mods for help.