Disappointed in Advanced Pilots in London Today

Thank goodness for that.

@AR_AR: Hiya, mate! I think that I recognize you… You were certainly in the sequence for landing at EGBB before I backed out. The heavy traffic, as well as connection/lag issues (there was a lot of lag!) forced me withdraw. I can’t provide efficient service if lag detracts me from giving people commands in a timely order, as well as too many people to reach. I literally couldn’t find 3 people on my flight strip list, despite scrolling up and down over and over.

At least you… uh, salvaged your flight, eh?

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ive done that sometimes where i think that the plane will be off the runway when i land but usually doessent happen…

@StikLover2 you were doing a great job. I was UFO 640 in a Cessna CX. Appreciate you understand your lag issues instead of some others who blame pilots for not following instructions that weren’t received due to lag.

I got publicly humiliated today on IFFG facebook for my session on KASE

Pilots are spamming, impatient, don’t follow sequence, unreasonable speed selection, lining up / backtaxing like turtles, Immediate takeoff request takes very long, ignoring go around calls.

If this person that was dissapointed in my service today reads this:

Next time pls bear in mind that we have lots to do: Inbounds, pattern, ground work. Without approach it gets hectic. I would appreciate it if next time you have more patience with me / us. Another thing I’d like to mention: I forgot to give the plane that crashed into you a go-around call, but normally the pilot should initiate a go-around by himself if he sees runway isn’t clear. Good airmanship is part of safety. Don’t blame it all on the tower…


One thing I noticed in your sesh was the amount of people who couldn’t go-around and just ended up crashing.

Don’t take it personally, I’m on the IFFG 💩 list too.


No I’m sorry Carson but I do take it personally.

I’m new to the team and already got a message from Tyler. So yes, I am upset about that. The least I expect of a pilot is to see if runway is clear when landing or lining up. You know, in real life a very famous callout before line up is: “Approach Sector clear”. I also got cleared for lining up a few times on Advanced but noticed the approaching plane. Standy by message and done. Don’t just line up like a nimrod and then blame it on tower


If you tell someone to line up and wait the pilot should line and and wait and not send a “stand by” message. If you tell someone to line up and wait and they go in front of oncoming traffic, it’s not the pilot’s fault.

I sent the Stand by message because I knew that ATC didn’t see the plane on final. He thanked me later and cleared me. Of course it was my fault tonight. Would have been nice if the pilotmatleast double checks. Good airmanship you know?


I did a pattern in EGLC 3 t&g and from they did a flight to EGLL and then from they EGLL I flew to EGBB and from EGBB I flew to EGNX, BTW I landed in EGBB and EGLL. ATC service was great

I suppose, you don’t know if the pilot is going around or not

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I’m sorry to hear that, I left IFFG a little while ago, so I’m not sure of what’s the situation currently, but there were just ATC witch hunts galore when I left. But at the same time, make sure the approach end is clear, if the pilot misses the plane, you’re the one who issued the instructions and in the wrong.

Max Sez… I read all the posts and really can’t sort it all out! I recognize that AR was operation on the Advance. What server was the Aspin Bruhaha on!
Where both field in Unicom mode with closed towers? Were the miscreant pilots ID with a Report User button push. I had the same runway incursions incidant as AR in the Londen Region today on take off, went around, ID’d the toad and marked him. I believe Tower marked the toad to. Who’s following up on the Report User file. Know it takes 3 individual reports for a machine downer. But a physical review of the Report User Record will identify habitual offenders. Perhaps that review should be initiated and a warning letters issued to the Cowboys. The system upgrade apparently is not sufficient, it’s just a quick fix. I suggest testing to move up to the advanced. Build a test module similar to the old 747 and Shuttle landing trial which was machine graded. Require testing plus XP ##### as the Advancd entry gate. I getting bored to death reading the same weeping and bashing of teeth daily. Let’s stop talking about it and push for a fix. The first step that we can all take is a finger on the Report User Trigger’

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I get messages from Tyler all the time 😐.

We’re all here to help you get better!

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