Disappearing system buttons

Hey guys :) ,
I definitely need your help. While I was flying around MMMX today, I noticed the system buttons (what I call the buttons on the right and the throttle on the left) kept disappearing during flight. They would only reappear if I kept my finger on the screen. Here are some pictures

image image image

I also have an issue with my altitude and speed staying at the settings I had them in while I was on autopilot. I’ve tried reloading the app and it still did this. I could also try restarting my iPad too to see if that works. This was while I was flying the boeing777-300er. Any other ideas are much appreciated, because I definitely want to make sure this is fixed before I fly my next long haul 😂. It was working fine last night with no problems. Thank you in advance for your help :).

Also, if this helps any, my iPad is a 2015 9.7 iPad pro.

Do you have interface timeout on.


I’ll check my settings… but I don’t think so. I’ll give an update on that in a second

I think you might have accidentally pressed it. I also think it has nothing to do with your device, I’ve got the same one and no problems ;)

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Thank you. That was exactly it :) . Weird thing was I didn’t remember pressing it, but it could have happened while I was trying to hide plane names and dots, or hit “Show airport names” again. I’ll definitely keep an eye on this from now on :) . I did a test flight just now with the right setting and it’s been fixed. I just had absolutely no idea 😅


That happens to me. I turn it on to take a screen shot and forget to turn it back off.


Thank you everyone for your help :) . Its been solved 👍. It also seemed to fix the altitude and speed problem too but I’ll just still keep an eye on it. Thanks again :)

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That also could have happened as I was taking screenshots too :o

That’s the most Common way it happens to me, screenshots (I might have nearly 2k…) and sometimes videos.

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you will not have the configuration


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