Disappearing from Live

Ok firstly this subject has been kinda been covered but I can’t seem to find a definitive answer. Feel free to shoot me down if I’ve missed something obvious.

I’ve been having a few issues on Live recently on both the Training Server and Expert Server. I’ll be happily flying along (sometimes under ATC direction) and then suddenly all pilots and ATC disappear only to reappear a few minutes later. I normally quit straight away in case ATC think I’m ignoring instructions (assuming they can see me).

Before anyone piles in with the usual ‘its your connection which is the problem’ I’m not entirely sure it is.

For one I can see 3 green bars in the top right hand corner, and I’ve also simultaneously performed a speed test (on a mac sitting next to me) and I’m getting 92mb download and 12mb upload WIFI speeds. So I’m guessing this is sufficient speeds to run IF.

If its any help I’m using an iPad 3 with all settings set to low.

Any useful advice would be greatly appreciated.


I think it happens to me too, all I do is disconnect from wifi and reconnect, only removes about a minute from your flight :)


Mate, you are not alone , that happens to everybody from time to time…i think it’s a server slow down or something like that…annoying? Yes! But most of the planes disappear and reappear…depends on how much traffic is on the server…

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My main concern is when it happens whilst under ATC direction on Expert. Once I reappear I may be out of sequence. And presumably this could result in a ghost?

No, if we see a user disappeared, we will re-sequence him after coming back in the right direction…if you feel unsafe, just request whatever you wanted again…
We are mean…but not that mean…nobody should get a ghost for failing connection…

But if its really busy would you be aware that a plane has disappeared and then suddenly reappeared in a different location?

And presumably if I disappear then you can’t see me or send me instructions?

Yes, you will vanish from the screen…


This happens to @CaptDrew & I regularly when we fly. Does not matter which region or server. It’s almost like the connection refreshes. I’ve seen it last a few seconds, it’s also lasted a couple of minutes. Makes following traffic on approach pretty tricky sometimes.

Green doesn’t matter it is your connection.

the same thing happens to me!!! i think it is a glitch with the 787 update hot fix, this will happen to me, and then if i try to recontact the ATC the game will quit me out the the home screen. I have the same device as u…(iPad 3)… and its really annoying, I’ve tried everything from closing all apps to restarting the device and even, deleting and redownloading the game…:( its so frustrating!!!

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So how can it be my connection?

I have seen the same because I was running live flight connect and then the wifi was green but I couldn’t see any other planes.

Sorry but, I need to compare this…
Feel my pain!!!

This was on a bad day, my speeds range between 2&4Mbs

Wow - that is slow. In your case I could understand there being ‘connection’ issues. However, I’m getting super fast WIFI speeds so this doesn’t explain my connection issues.

Multiple devices will slow done and sometimes IF doesn’t update it immediately when you can’t see other planes.

This post had 2 main questions. The first was about pilot etiquette when it happens on Expert. @anon43874684 had kindly answered that question in post #7.

The second question is far harder to answer. There’s lots of conjecture (which is fine) but very little solid advice as to what the actual problem is;

As I and others have repeatedly said, our WIFI connection appears to be fine and this issue seems to affect lots of people across multiple devices. I just wonder whether its a known problem with the FDS servers? I’ve also noticed that it happens more often since the update.

Is there anyone out there who has a definitive answer?

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This is happening to me too often. I’m wondering what can be done to correct this.

I have noticed (dare I say) an improvement. I can only recall it happening once in the last month. I’m still none the wiser as to what the actual problem is though.

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