Disappearing Flight Plan

I don’t know if anyone else has this problem but everytime I search for a random airport ( I like searching for airports I’ve never been to while cruising on the map) , and it happens not to be found, my current flight plan disappears and I have to make it again mid-flight.

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Are you pressing clear flight plan when you look at the other airports?

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Nope not at all

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wow that’s a new one never saw this happen

Ok, so just to clarify you look up an airport and it says it can’t find the airport then you flight plan disappears?

what is your graphic settings, do it run perfectly on your device?

You have made an identical topic from the one before. Please give the devs and mods some time, they may be able to help you.

I typed in corpus…expecting it would bring up suggestions like Corpus Christi Int’l. Instead it just came up empty and and my flight plan disappeared instantly.

That’s very strange.

Everything on high…and it runs great.

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Maybe @schyllberg will know.

It’s not an issue per say.
This is an expected behavior as that one is made to add waypoints to your flight plan. Not random search :)


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