Disappearing ATC voice

The sound of the ATC disappears if you leave leave the app 2-3 times, I have been facing this issue for a lot of time

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Could you provide us with more inforation such as device, IF Version, and also what you’ve tried to prevent this issue?

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“When you leave the app”,

Are you saying that you just press the home button then go back on or are you meaning when you restart the app?


I am using Apple iPhone 7
But I also faced this issue on iPhone 6
I mute and unmute the device,increase decrease voice from audio settings but nothing works
If I close the app (restart) the voice comes back

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Press home button then open app again in a few seconds

Device version? Software? IF version? A little more substance 😉


Latest IOS, latest Version of infinite Flight, iPhone 7 128GB

Encountered this as well…

Fix: don’t leave the app – might make you unknown to the ATC and cause a lot of other problems as well…


Ok will apply this in future

That always happens to me when I try to tweak In-Flight assistant


As @Mats_Edvin_Aaro has said, it is linked to leaving the app so if you need to tweak anything like a third party app then end your flight and restart it as it can mss up the ATC voice, this has been going on for like 2 years so it’s well known.