Disappearing airfield

Yeah basically was on final and CYAM just disappeared (except for some parts of the runway but the tarmac and taxiways were gone), I’m not sure if this is a major issue or if this is the place to report bugs, so let me know.

Device specs: iPad Air 2

Also this is the first time I’ve experienced this glitch ever

Try clearing you scenery cache. The option is at the bottom of general settings

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Did that right before the flight

Is your Internet connection to the server stable?

Yeap, it is stable

Sometimes just clearing your scenery cache may not do the trick. Try restarting your app, if not device.

Done both before the flight as well

(normal routine as I’ve become paranoid of my app crashing due to past experiences)

Sometimes clearing the cache multiple times may help, but usually a restart of the app is a fix, which can provide difficulty if you want to land. It’s a pain but something I’ve experienced multiple times before now.

And a general note, 134knts is way too fast for Flaps 15, you’d want about 112knts with 21,500kg-ish

Roger that, I’ll let you know if this happens again on my overnight flight to Doha

Yeah I was aware I was slightly too fast in final, paid more attention to the issue in front of me rather than my airspeed haha

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