Disappearing Aircraft on Radar

Device: IPhone 14 Pro
OS: IOS 16.3.0

I’ve recently changed phones to the newest IPhone from previously having an 8. On low settings and minimal aircraft, I was regularly crashing usually when in the vicinity of a lot of aircraft or ATC controlled airports; but expected as much. Luckily my battery gave up and I was given the chance to get a new phone. Now, of course I’m running settings on max, however even when tweaking the airplane count, graphics, and fps, I still encounter this issue. As ATC and in regular flight, If too many aircraft are around me, entire sections of 4-5 aircraft will disappear from my radar for on average around 30 seconds (sometimes its quick sometimes its over 1 minute). Obviously this is causing me struggles not only with separation while piloting an approach on expert but also when doing any ATC ops as obviously having aircraft on your radar is kind of important. Of course any and all feed back is welcomed (especially a solution :) ) and if anyone else has experienced this please share so I don’t feel alone.

Also I just updated to IOS 16.3.1 but doubt this will make any difference.

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Hello, I’m definitely not an expert with IF issues, but based on some other topics I’ve read, the issue of planes not appearing or disappearing while you’re playing is usually the result of slow Wi-Fi/connectivity speeds to the server. Based on my current knowledge you might consider turning down your graphics/airplane count (even if you’ve “tweaked” it before) as this would reduce the streaming of liveries/server info to your device. Hope this can help! :)

There are major issues with the expert server, many controllers and pilots and experiencing issues.

You can report these issues here.

I will give lowering my rendering stuff again and turning graphics down a bit. Also unfortunately it is not just the expert server but both.

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