Disabled Emoji

Unless someone is able to build a strong case to re-enable them, emojis have been disabled. They are distracting and unnecessary 99.99% of the time.

If you disagree, make sure you explain why in the comments.


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Yes, emojis are evaluated when the page is displayed.

But,The most used are the smiley, winkey, and that other weird one…Couldn’t people still just put :) :) :( e.t.c ?

I do however agree that they are distracting and unecessary the vast majority of the time!

so what are really saying here…sounds like …in one instance you’re disagreeing and making suggestions,then in the next you are contradicting yourself and agreeing with Philippe…OMG!!..AMAZING!!


People can still use the textual version; while it can be important to add such thing to convey the tone of a msg, their constant use make them loose their meaning and usually shows immaturity.

This is just another step to improve the quality of this forum in order to be a safe and respectful place for all Infinite Flight enthusiasts.


Well there goes @BBJMAX’s signature…

Yep, well and truly gone…

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Hey Omari!

What I’m saying is:

I agree with Philippe that they are distracting and unneccessary-But I was just also mentioning a way people could get round it!

Yep! There great for conveying the tone of a message!

And it’s great to see improvements being made, as always!

Cheers Philippe

Only reason I started using, I felt like I’m old fashioned. Another excuse it’s just right there in iphone and iPad.

You gotta be careful. This may add up your violation count in the future…oh d’oh I can’t express my face right now.

Enable the emoji computer on your device or laptop

Is ther way to disable it in IPhone, gotta research… I think I can change. I didn’t use it for long time. Hope it gets easy for @BBJMAX, I feel like he lost his voice or broken his finger. Oops that sounds horrible. Man you know it’s joke.

NATURALLY!! i expected this same predictable response…i have nothing further to say (Speak No Evil,Hear No Evil,See No Evil)


This was actually something I was going to request since they are just a nuisance for me. Thanks :)

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😒 mine still works

Appears you are using apple emojis.

Philippe disabled the forums’ emojis, not apple emojis.For example, the :smiley: code doesn’t work anymore. The happy face in the selection bar (Quote, bold, italics, link) has also disappeared

dissabling emojis @philippe im supprised that a developer is getting involved in such low level admin ?

This forum is still young, we have to get involved so it doesn’t turn into a zoo. Also we think it is important for us to stay in touch with the community as much as possible.

And what about apple users that have built in emojis on the keyboard ?

I believe those are actually unicode symbols and as such should still work. In the end this is just a small tweak to nudge ppl towards having meaningful Infinite Flight related discussion on this community.

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