Disable Replay button

I whish there was a way to turn it of so when you are on solo you don’t accident press it (I do it all the time) so I whish there was a button/checkbox that turned it off. Just a simple thing that could be in a patch update or something


Don’t you want to accidentally see you just stop in midair?


my i ask why? if you accidentally press replay just go all the way foward again to were you were and press live and you go right back to where you were


Here here!! lol I admit I make mistakes too but I usually just fast forward and start from the end of the reply

Or skip all you said and just press the ‘exit replay’ button…


What he means is like to not have it on the bottom menu while you’re flying because most of the time I exit replay, my plane rockets up and A/P gets disconnected or it starts a nosedive

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When I go on replay it always just restarts my flight

It is replaying your flight. Not restarting it. Just press “exit replay” in the lower-left corner and you’re right back to where you were. The devs worked hard to add this feature, I seriously doubt they will disable it.