Disable Refueling when BOOM is retracted

I have been flying around and noticed that up to 20 fighters would follow me to refuel.
Its cool at first but its annoying if you get ghosted for it.

I think it would be a great idea to disable refueling if the boom is retracted. This should be an easy fix.

Why would you get ghosted for it? Your not breaking and rules…

I doubt it. Easier said than done.


No, apparently the controller thought I was on a refueling mission and he ghosted me or whatever.

Maybe contact the controller to get un-ghosted. I don’t see why it’s breaking the rules doing a refuelling mission. (Unless it’s too close to an airport).

I was flying over the airport but established ATC communications. I contacted the ATC, but I don’t want something like that to happen again to me or other people.

What was your height? Because if you were at 3,000ft that’s too close, but if you were at 25,000ft there shouldn’t be an issue.


I created a whole tutorial on this. If you were in contact with ATC, and you were ghosted, you were too low. Pretty simple.

@AustralianFlyer I don’t need the grammar police. K thanks. 😒


We went from a feature request to a ghosting…

No matter what aircraft is flown, pilot etiquette and communication on the expert server is your responsibility as you advance to the advanced server. This is not the place to discuss a ghosting.


I was at 10,000 ft. Ok Guys Back on Topic. This is a #eature request not a #live:atc problem. Lets take it into a P.M.

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