Disable limit for likes

I don’t really see the need in limiting the number of likes we can have… It’s not like we will abuse it… We only like things when we like it and/or agree with it, isn’t it?

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I don’t understand what your requesting…

It is not related to the app but rather I am talking about Infinite Flight Community itself…

Ok my bad Lachy, I didn’t know what Meta was for.

What? I still don’t understand.

I didn’t know what Meta was for so I simply posted it in General, my bad.

But I still don’t actually get what’s the original request was… It’s got no context.

I like many posts… Then it disallows me from liking anymore for 35 more minutes…

That’s a thing?
It’s probably a prevention to recieve Badges properly or “Earn” badges

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Yes, that’s a thing. I am not trying to abuse the system or anything… I just like browsing the forum a lot <3

Try to be a little more descriptive In your Heading Post.

Sorry lol but I hope the limit can be disabled… Or perhaps why not disable the badges instead if they think it can be abused?

You are currently a basic user - good active participation (like what you’ve been doing so far) will let you move up the trust level ladder, increasing the limit for likes :)

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Ahh thanks for the revelation! :D

in 3 days you given 93 likes! its a lot!

@Carson would love this <3