Disable FPV by default on expert

In case you don’t know, the FPV is the circle on your screen that show’s the direction your plane is moving in. It is commonly used for aiming at the runway on final especially in crosswinds. IMO it is not very realistic.

Currently FPV is toggleable in the SYSTEMS menu and is always on by default. I am proposing to turn it off by default on expert to increase the realism.

IMO the FPV should not be completely disabled for the following reasons:

  • IF is played on a 2D screen so judging 3D direction is harder than in real life
  • FPV is the only way to tell if your wheels are on the ground
  • There are cases where landing without FPV can be extremely difficult. Examples are high descent rate non-ILS approaches and heavy crosswinds (this can be caused by weather failing)

The FPV is displayed on real HUDs.


Commercial aircraft don’t have HUD though.

I think you haven’t seen the Boeing 787


Um, Alaska Airlines wouldn’t be flying into many airports in Alaska without HUD. I have read many articles on that.

Edit here’s an article from Business Insider further giving evidence on me and @rockpapernuke’s posts.

Quotes from the article:

“Boeing has made dual HUDs standard in the 787 Dreamliner.”

“Both American Airlines, which flies into airports with short runways, and Alaska Airlines, which deals with a lot of rough weather, equip their planes with the displays.”


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Commercial aircraft with a HUD:

  • E-190
  • Saab 2000
  • Boeing 727
  • Boeing 737
  • Boeing 787
  • CRJ Family
  • A318
  • A320 (pending certification)
  • A330 (pending certification)
  • A340 (pending certification)
  • A380 (pending certification)

Note there are also some business jets that have a HUD that I could not find or did not include.


I don’t see why this is such a big deal. If you don’t want to use the HUD, just turn it off when you spawn in. Most people like the FPV because it’s much easier to fly, and the developers will keep it this way if it benefits the majority of the users.



It’s actually realistic having it implemented rather then not having it.


I think you ment 787 here

He could add 787 to his list, but the 727 is certified to have a HUD implemented.

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I honestly had no idea, I guess they have had his for a while, but I never thought about it…

If people want to fly more “Realistically” They can simply fly in cockpit, with the FPV off, and HUD if the aircraft isn’t certified for it. There’s no need for a change of how i can fly on expert. I enjoy the outside view to well enjoy the scenery, and the sunset/sunrise. May not be “Realistic” but that is a big reason why i still fly. I follow SID/STAR use realistic taxi routes, flight plans. All that good stuff.

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