"Dirty Realism"

We Often talk about Realism such as clouds runway and Taxiway lights other things for the Sim that Might take Time And Testing to Develop.
But What about Weathering the Fuselage and Wings overall the airframes, paint discoloration and Mismatch of airplane parts of airplanes in the Game?
We have seen a Small Few such as the Southwest 737Gold Livery that Has some dirty Wings and also some Frontier A320s besides that some Recent Releases has brought Weathering into them Airplanes but can’t be Seen Only from a Close Look into the airplanes Fuselage and From a Distance look Spotless and Neat.
So I Hope to Bring this to attention humbly
all in the Aspect on adding Realism into The Essential part of the Game, the Airplanes.air-china-1903



I see what you’re saying, I honestly prefer a little bit of dirt, less then the images shown, Seb gave an answer to why the wings and parts of an aircraft are clean in IF.

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Definitely like where you are going with this, but be careful with the word “realism” around here. To some people “realism” is almost a religion. 🙃


That’s an understatement. 😂


These aren’t “drity realism” these are planes that’s have never been cleaned and are very disgusting and not very photogenic. You had to search up dirty planes to get those photos. If you just search up “planes” you won’t get anything like that bc. Planes aren’t supposed to be lathered with dirt and that much visible wear


Ewww, all that aircraft grunge and grime makes me want to go take another shower.

Those carriers that you provided pictures of need to do a better job with keeping their equipment clean IMO. I’ll take IF’s clean aircraft over that “dirty” stuff.


Infinite flight hired @Balloonchaser and I as cleaners for the aircraft, that’s why you don’t see that stuff.


Well when you search up “planes” 90% of the results are nasty stock photos. Can’t really compare the two can you?

I’d go as far as saying that having dirt and grime on planes makes it more realistic — at least with older planes like the 717 or 757 that we have in IF.

Coming from personal experience while spotting, I’ve never seen a clean and polished 717 like what we have in IF. They’re always off-white, covered in grime, and the wings have dust on them probably 70% of the time. So I’d say that at least in the 717’s case, it would be much more realistic to have dirt and grime on the plane instead of it being a clean and polished design.

I also mentioned the 757 earlier. In the 757’s case, you can search it up and tons of them will have dust on the wings (an example can be seen here). Having some dirt on the wings wouldn’t be too far off realistic, especially with the older examples.

Plus, aircraft aren’t typically given a deep clean after every flight to make them shine like new. Not all aircraft are picturesque and shiny, because a large majority of them in one way or another have dirt, grime, and wear & tear on them in some way or another.


Thank You and Even though im not Posting this to Make anybody feel Disgusted or Nauseous as i See A Couple.
Im just trying to Point out that airliners “age by time”
Im not asking For every plane in The Game to Be or Get dirt all over.
Just a Touch of the real Appearance Not to all Just Some
Pictures just as Reference on Whats out there!

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Exactly! Maybe add it to some of the older retro liveries just like Southwest Desert Gold has. Or maybe have some wear & tear on the older planes like the 717 or 757.


With project metal, they are able to do a lot more ex. Clouds, buildings etc. over future time they can get it down.

let’s just remember this is a mobile simulation, not X-Plane 11 or MSFS.

It will just take time so just be patient for this type of stuff to come in.


Project metal is just one aspect.
Other issues are:

  • cleaner images usually take less storage space. This is currently the bottleneck for liveries
  • some people will prefer clean liveries no matter what for a more uniform look

Yeah IF needs more dirt in the game. And it needs to not have glossy dirt like the wings on the retro SW 737.

Idk what it is with IF and making everything glossy, even some of the seats are glossy like it’s made out of chrome.

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Clean aircraft are more efficient than dirty aircraft. Clean planes fly more effectively than dirty ones. I think that’s the realism we should be striving for. 😃