Dirty Harry In Tijuana

“Harry” is his name. Or Dirty Harry as I have come to know him. He spawned and remained in parking long enough for me to report my position to Unicom twice, touch and go once and was in pattern left crosswind when he announced his taxi to the runway. I seen he was almost at the runway as I was on my final for another touch and go, so I reported to Unicom I was on my final. Right after I did, Dirty Harry announces his take off. So I touch down and pull up as quick as I can and make right traffic as announced. As I make my way around knowing Harry was taking off in the other direction, I announced another touch and go on runway 9. As I turn to make my final, I notice Harry is still on the runway, but…wait…he has turned his 777 around 180 degrees and is taking off on runway 9.
So I radio a go around and break left before my Cessna gets eaten alive by Dirty Harry and his 777.

Thus ends another episode of Dirty Harry.


Looks like Dirty Harry needs a report mate. ;)


Thanx Dawud. I’m doing my best to get to grade 3 to join the Aussie Olympic team. Will be in touch

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@a380fan, do yah know something about this?

Harry Potter strikes again.
Oops wrong person I meant Dirty Harry XD

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Fly on exper for a realistic experience.