@Dirk Giessmann, Level 3 report for no reason (Now I’m grade 2)

@Dirk Giessmann | I would like to discuss about my Level 3 violation for no reason. So I was coming in to Rio SBRJ getting ready to do the circle to land and you wanted me to go around and make right traffic, so I did. After that you told me that I was cleared #2 for landing (I have pictures as well). So I followed the guy that was on final and getting ready to turn in to RW 02R as soon as he landed. He landed and I turned to go on final. Everything was good, I landed fairly good, then executed the runway. As soon as I did, you gave me level 3 violation. So I got disconnected and taxied to my gate. I was also super ticked because I knew I would go back to grade 2 and I had a few events over the next week as well as an event tomorrow which is linked below. I’m just really upset and would like to find a way to get this removed.

The first photo, I was on final, everything is perfectly fine.

Here is another

Here is the event that I had for tomorrow, now I can’t do :( 21NOV20 / 1600Z - Celebrate Tsumia’s Birthday @ EGKK

Hi @nolan_brant12,

Please pm him about your appeal (@DirkGiessmann) . Thanks