Directs to waypoints/vor etc

What maby a cool feature would be is to give atc an option to give pilots directs. For example, “KLM 64P after artip direct Pampus VOR”. I dont know if this would be hard to implement this in IF, but it’d be really cool in my opinion :).

You basically having like a centre controller or clearance and delivery that would issue these commands


Hmm, yeah thats true.

Wasn’t there a center option in the past? And where did it go?


They removed that feature due to issues of users being away from their devices during cruise. :)


Gotcha! :)

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They should add center controllers back. It feels weird (when I’m awake flying) cruising or climbing without any contact with ATC.

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In my opinion this is a bit complicated for both, developers and ATC since it’s a mobile game, so the current drag feature for radar vector is already good enough

Real talk. I like the interaction.

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