Direction taxi to runway

Hey IFC,
I asked myself several times the direction of how to approach taxiways. Is the closest direction to the runway (yellow) leading AC to the runway?


Are you asking which aircraft should Depart first? In the photo shown, the yellow aircraft should depart first. They are closer to the runway and farther ahead. Of course, some people want to beat you to the runway and it might turn into a “race”. It’s simply polite for the blue aircraft to give the yellow aircraft the right of way.


The yellow aircraft takes off first.

Hey mate,

Are you asking which taxiways we should use when heading to a runway threeshold?

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Normally the blue taxiway would be used to for departing aircraft, to allow landing aircraft to exit the runway using the yellow taxiway. Towards the departure end of the runway, both taxiways would be used for departing aircraft as no traffic would be able to stop and exit at that point.


@JetSuperior5192 @tunamkol I think he’s asking which aircraft should depart first.

Sorry no, my bad. I didn’t describe it the right way. I was asking which taxiway is leading to the parking spots/gates and which one directs aircrafts to the runway.


Ohh right. The taxiway closer to the runway is used for arrivals, so the blue arrow taxiway would be used for departures.


In some cases, the parallel taxiway to the runway is used when aircraft is exiting the runway and goes to the other threeshold (the opposite).

For example, If runway 18L is in use only, and you are exiting and heading to runway 36L, then you should use the parallel taxiway. Meanwhile, all depatures use the other taxiway to promote success

I’ll send a screenshot in a bit


You choose where to go

Possible, but not the way I prefer to do it. I personally want to be as realistic as possible. If someone wants to start a race, so be it. :)

I highly recommend using Flightradar24 for real world taxi routes. If you are simulating a real world flight, search the flight number and push playback. It will show you the route and runway it took off.

Also, some airports have charts with specific taxi routes that must be adhered to, like EHAM.


Thx, that means, there is no common rule for multiple taxiways at an airport?

Some airports have common routes that are used; however, I’ve seen flight deviate from the standard on multiple occasions. It’s up to the ground controller at the end of the day (IRL)


Oh ok, so generally it’s up to pilot discretion in IF. Most scenarios I’ve seen so far there is no rule and not being enforced by ATC.

Correct. ATC, currently, can’t give specific taxiway routes; however, if need be, we can give progressive taxi instructions that will be like a route

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No rules as of right now, but try not to block arrival traffic’s runway exit.

Won’t do so, I left rookie status several months ago ;). Was just interested of how to improve realism a bit more.

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I grabbed Shanghai since it has the standard taxi flow.

In this picture, I just vacated after landing at RWY 17L. If you are exiting the runway and you are taxiing in direction to RWY 35R, then you have to take the parallel taxiway to the runway, as the red marking shows.

If you want to taxi to rwunay 17L for takeoff, you have to taxi as the green line shows: next to the parallel taxiway to the runway. The blue line shows the alternate taxi route, since is more close to the depature threeshold.

This realistic method shows efficiency when controlling at busy airports. Please be aware that not all of the airports has parallel taxiways and this methid cannot be taken place, and you have to follow taxi instructions (i.e: regional airports)

Hope this helps mate. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, message me or ask help to other members. We are here to help :=)


Often times, airport charts for larger airports indicate direction of travel for certain taxiways based one runway configuration. That helps me decided where I direct pilots.