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Hey IFC! I was wondering how I could make a direct waypoint in IF. Now it’s a little more complex than you think. Let me explain. I’m talking about going on course on your flight plan and then you choose to go direct to the next waypoint. How would I do that with my FPL in IF? Thanks!


Ok so in simple terms direct Waypoint is when you just put a waypoint on the arriving airport
for example, if your flying from London to Los Angeles you would only have one waypoint connecting the airports

This is not even close to being correct.

@Pilot_InfiniteFlight We don’t actually have the DCT feature in it’s true fashion. The best you can get is manually activating the next leg in your flight plan.


Kind of, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Let me use the real-world flight I’m trying to replicate now as an example. The standard routing is BANNG3 LUCKK HONID MAATY4. A little bit after HONID the plane got clearance to go direct to HEVVN. In IF, I cannot figure out a way to just set HEVVN as my direct waypoint. That’s what I’m trying to figure out.

IF what your trying to say Is that you want your aircraft to go to another waypoint instead of the one that you’re currently heading to you would want to go to your map, on the bottom right there should be a square that says “Map” once you click you find the waypoint that you want your aircraft to head towards click " ACT. Leg" and your aircraft will now fly towards that waypoint.

I’ve tried that and then my plane started to do some weird turns or something like that.

When you did that did you did you already fly past that waypoint?

And even manually activating the next leg is not really right either unfortunately, but best I know it is the best way to do it. The CDI will be setup for that leg so to center it you must still follow that leg, which is really unfortunate. Particularly in the departure and arrival legs of a flight direct to X waypoint is a quite common instruction from ATC so this would be awesome to have in the game properly. Really one of the many little things infinite flight still lacks that isn’t really a “feature” or something that will ever be flashy enough to get a lot of attention but is a major ease of use and realism inconvenience.

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Yes, I did this flight many times before and they do this often. I would be a bit past HONID and then I’d activate HEVVN and then my plane started to just turn and I didn’t trust it so I did it manually.

When you do that it is because the plane is trying to go to and fly that leg, not to the waypoint at the end of the leg. Unfortunately this is (best I know) the closest we can get in IF, but if you aren’t already established on that leg then it will always make some weird turns to intercept that course and not take you direct to the point.

maybe you had your NAV set to NV1 or NV2? if so you would want to change those to GPS.

This is also true… If you are too far away from your waypoint and set your Lnav your plane will redirect itself to hit that waypoint.

I know 100% I didn’t do that.

Ah, makes sense.

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Would you like to go try and see if your issue is fixed?

If you can do it really fast, find the waypoint on the map closest to you, put it at the correct spot in your flight plan, and then quickly delete every waypoint in your flight plan between the new point and the point you want to go direct to. This works less and less the further your are from the closest point but if you can find one essentially directly on you then it works.

“Act leg” is not a solution in a lot of cases because it will try to somewhat find the path to the waypoint, and if that path is long you’ll find yourself rejoining your FPL far from the point. Depending on the distance distribution and angle, it may be worth “act leg”ing the point after the one you want to direct to.


It isn’t even too far away from your waypoint. It is a matter of the course you had in your flight plan. For example if you had a leg that was from point A to B direct, then a 90 degree turn to point C if you activated the second leg your aircraft wouldn’t turn 45 degrees and go direct to point C, it would fly until it intercepted the course from B to C and then turn to follow that course.

As far as I know there is no way to go from point A to C directly without deleting the other legs.

I’ve been trying to find a way to let autopilot navigate towards a waypoint directly too, and haven’t found a way yet.

Instead, I do it manually now:
In the NAV tab at the side select GPS instead of NAV1 and in the bottom of the screen in the HUB make sure you’ve got bearing 1 in there. It will now show the direct course to the next selected waypoint. You can now manually set your heading in the autopilot to the heading it is displaying and fly a direct route to that waypoint.

Thing to watch out for is overshooting, as you’re no longer on LNAV the plane will keep going on the selected course which could lead to some issues. As long as you monitor it closely it works rather well and leads to more realistic SIDS for me.

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Is there a features request for this? If so, can someone please link it.

Here is the link