Direct Joystick connection to IF with iOS 13.4 (not third party) - Developers working on this!

With the release of iOS 13.4, came trackpad support. However, to use a joystick in infinite flight, you have to connect to a Mac/PC. However, iOS now allows you to connect joysticks through Bluetooth and USB in accessibility. Does this mean You can now use IF with a joystick without the need of a Mac? I now know that wired joysticks are the way to go, but are they compatible without using a Mac (with right dongle)?

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I bought a joystick (it wasn’t recommended by IF) and it worked, but not worked very good… so I recommend to buy a joystick that is recommended by Infinite Flight

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I recommend to use those joysticks

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Thank you for the advise, but I am looking for a Bluetooth joystick, not a usb one. Does anyone know about the first part of the question?

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Does anyone know about my first question?

Be careful with bluetooth. Some have reported that it turns off after a period of not being used and then you have to reconnect it. This could be annoying during long haul flights.

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A while back I was interested in finding a joystick that connects by Bluetooth, I couldn’t find any. A recent search brought up a couple devices that are indeed joysticks, but not meant for flight.

I have linked below what I have found: (£656) ($395) ($315)

As you can see, these devices are incredibly more expensive than your average flight stick that most people buy. The way these are advertised, it looks like they are meant to be a pointer style joystick that is meant to replace a mouse or trackpad… which brings me to my next point.

Seeing that this the menu options you found are inside the Assistive Touch tab, if you were to connect a Bluetooth mouse, iOS would read it as a pointer device. That’s why you only see your joystick connection under that Assistive Touch menu. If Infinite Flight reads that joystick the way it reads any connected game pad device it should work.

In the end you would have a $300+ ‘wheelchair’ joystick (that’s the way these are being advertised) that has no thrust lever and almost no customization.

Before I end, I have found one cordless joystick that is the Logitech Freedom 2.4GHz Cordless Joystick. This is not Bluetooth but runs on A 2.4GHz frequency. What this does is the 2.4GHz receiver connects to a USB port on either a computer or a tablet and that receiver talks with the joystick. This is a good option for folks running IF on Android devices, but you still can’t connect a joystick directly into iOS devices, (for the purpose to use on IF) so this option wouldn’t work either.

Very few to zero options for a Bluetooth Joystick that would connect to iOS with Apple’s current restriction on 3rd party devices.

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Very good to know. I thought that there would be some good wireless joysticks for around $50. Thank you for the recommendations!

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Thank you for all the help everyone so far!

The most appealing USB joystick seems to be the Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick. The big question I have is wether I need to still use a computer to use a joystick on IF, now that iOS 13.4 is released?

This is a new iOS feature which we haven’t tested to see if it’s available for us to use. We will look and try and add support as soon as possible if it’s applicable, but please bear in mind it might not work yet :)

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How would one connect their joystick with their device via Bluetooth or USB? I use a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, advice welcome.

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Just use a dongle!

And then? Sorry, I’m not good with technology. If you don’t use a computer, then how would connect the joystick via Bluetooth?

If you read above, bluetooth joysticks aren’t viable unfortunately. I just learned that a few hours ago… Anyway, that was my question, is it possible to connect without a computer on an iPad with the iPadOS 13.4 update. Right now, this is uncertain:

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Ah ok, thanks.

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Just wanted to mention that according to the At Home Live Stream, the devs are currently looking into this and hope to release it ASAP if iOS becomes compatible with joysticks! I hope everyone stays healthy!

This would definitely be a game changer, but to be honest this still seems a bit far.

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