Direct Fixes

Good afternoon everyone, I have come to ask you guys a question. On my way to Edmonton from Los Angeles, and whenever I put in my first fix, I made a pink think (direct). I took off, and then it jept circling back around the certain fix. Anyone have a way to stop this? Thanks, happy flying! :D

Hey there!

You most probably overran you waypoint. You can activate the next one by going into “FlightPlan”, and at the bottom left clicking on the next waypoint and click “Act.Leg.” or “Activate.”

Basically what this does is the aircraft will fly towards the next waypoint, so it wont overrun.
Make sure to not put your waypoints too close to each other or these things will happen!

Happy flying!


Had this problem too. Never used Act.leg. Will use now and in the future .Thanks for bringing this up!

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