Diploma!? (I graduated 4 months ago)

Thank you professors for keep juicing up my grades, if I have more dedication I might get more 90%+. Nah, gaming is more important than school anyways. I wrapped up with a GPA of 3.6, even if I usually just get 3.2.


That’s good job their my man!


Congrats man!


Thats one expensive piece of paper right there Congrats!

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Congrats man!

What campus were you at, Arizona or Florida?

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Wowza, congratulations! 🎊

Glad to hear you’re doing well, Hatsune. Good luck moving forward my friend :)

Congratulations and good luck!

Keep the dog away from it or else the excuse “the dog ate my homework” might turn into “the dog ate my Diploma”


Congratulations man! Keep it up!

Congratulations! I wish you nothing but success in the future!

Congratulations, great to hear! Best of luck in the future to you!

👏👏👏 congrats!

Congratulations man! Where are you going to take you life from here, careerwise?

Get flight hours, regional airlines in the US, then fly 777-9X for someone, probably EK.


Congratulations!! 🎉 Good luck in the future.

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