Dinner with a Regional Airline Captain

Can you please give all answers in this Topic, please and thank you :)

i would love to. but unfortunately there was so many questions, i didnt get to ask him all of them. we only had dinner for about an hour and a half but did my best too get as may questions as possible

So, what were the replies from him?

Where will you be posting the answers to these lucky questions whomst the pilot answered?

As I said before, some of these questions were answered some were not. I only had an hour and a half before he reported for mandatory crew rest.

I will be posting these answers on this thread by tagging each person that I had an opportunity to ask there questions

Most difficult procedure. If asked

Folks, dinner was a few hours ago πŸ˜‚ So anyone who asked a question before dinner if I got to your question, answers will be given tommrow

Answer Time everyone. Questions may be shortened.
Q: Hardest part about regional flying?
A. The legs. Instead of doing 1 or 2 long legs, we do 4-6 short legs.
Q: What airline would you fly for instead?
A. When i get all of my hours, and get senior enough, I would like to move to Delta Airlines
Q: What CRJ variant is your favorite
A: Crj-700
Q: Greatest thing about regional flying?
A. We usually serve smaller airports that dont get mainline service from the big carriers so we usually have no wait for the runway.
Q: What airline do you fly for?
A: Skywest
Q: Military, College or flight school
A: I went too both college and flight school. They were the same school. So i got a degree and all my training as well.


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