''Ding'' sound immediately after takeoff

The dingo you hear after takeoff is only heard on Airbus aircraft, when the captain selects the gear to the up position, you’ll hear a ding, which is followed by the emergency exit lights being turned off. Same for landing, when the gear is selected down, you will hear a ding, followed by the emergency exit lights being turned on. You will never see a captain release his crew within seconds of rotation

Also has anyone else noticed that some newer airbus aircraft have a new feature which is pretty much a high pitch chime whenever a PA announcement is made?

Very interesting answers… I caught that same A380 in Boston the other day (G-XLED), and I’ve always wondered what that sound meant after takeoff

The Ding is then the Landing Gear is retracted and makes the same sound again when Gear is deployed.

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Gear up indication in Airbus aircraft

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Now we are just repeating answers.