Dimming Cabin Lights

Hey IF Users,

I just had an idea and thought I would share it with you all.

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could dim the cabin lights on aircraft in IF? Just like in the real world when your flying or taking off at night time the cabin lights have to be dimmed.

Just an idea and thought ide share it with you.



You can vote here:


The thing is that most aircrafts in IF has no cabin only the CRJ family has it.

A350 has see-through windows, but no interior

While only the CRJ family has a cabin, cabin lights are still featured on a variety of aircraft.

  • A318/19/20/21
  • B772ER/LR
  • B773ER
  • B787-8/-9/-X
  • CRJ200/700/900/X
  • Dash 8

Just to name a few.

While there are other features that I would personally say take priority, this would still be a cool feature to see nonetheless.

Be sure to go vote for it on the feature request linked above! :)

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I know but snice the A350 doesn’t have an interior it wouldn’t make sense to add light.