Dimmable Glass Cockpit Controls

To clarify, I am not sure if this already exists so it’s ok if it ends up being taken down. Please vote for this if you’d like to see dimmable instruments in the future!

As many pilots on Infinite Flight know and experience, at night time people know it’s tough to fly because of odd brightness. The lights inside the cockpits with live instruments have tremendously bright lights and can be very hard on the eyes. To vote for this feature, we should hope that dimmable instruments will show up in the near future!

Have you experienced harsh experiences on your eyes with instrument brightness?
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Probably should turn down your screen brightness if the instruments are blinding you

They aren’t but just a feature that would allow you to dim because it’s so dark at night would be nice

The main reason for this is because with a bright cockpit, it can be hard for eyes to adjust to the land outside the windshield, which leads to visual separation issues, visual approach issues, vertigo, etc.

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The issue is not the instrument is too bright… The issue is that the rest of the cockpit is not lit up and too dark.

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