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We’re delighted to introduce DigitalCrew, a new platform that will revolutionize your experience of virtual airlines. It’s an application that lets you create your own Virtual Airline in just a few clicks, and customize it as you wish. As a pilot, it’s the place to find all your virtual airlines. Just one login, one password, you enjoy, we take care of everything! And it’s free!


DigitalCrew offers a variety of features to help your VA reach a top-level, here are a few of them:


DigitalCrew has a light mode and a dark mode to make the experience more pleasant for your eyes at any time of day.


Fill your PIREPs quickly and easily, by pressing ACARS on the PIREPs page, part of the form will auto-fill with your current flight information.


Ever wanted to quickly understand your Virtual Airline database? With DigitalCrew, you can sort by aircraft, airport and even flight time to find the flight you need.


Simply create your events in the administration section of your Crew Center, and quickly spread the word. Your pilots will have direct access to all the information and will be able to Wait for the event if they wish to participate.


If you want to access your Crew Center quickly, you can. Just add DigitalCrew to your home screen, and it’ll turn into a real application!

And there’s plenty more. Visit our website for further information.



Quick Link → DigitalCrew | Signup


If you have a problem with your DigitalCrew experience, simply go to our Discord Server and create a support ticket. Describe your problem and our team will take care of you quickly.


DigitalCrew Admin

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@Stan7 Founder & Back-end Developer
@Teized Co-Founder & Front-end Developer

DigitalCrew Advisor

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@tunamkol DigitalCrew Advisor
DigitalCrew Beta Testers

DigitalCrew Beta Testers

Thanks to all those people who helped during the beta phases to give their opinion and test the app.


“When I heard that this project was going to be launched I was super excited and now I know why, everything is perfect, modern and at the cutting edge of technology. The teams have done a remarkable job to get the product we have today.”

IFVARB Admin & DigitalCrew Beta Tester

“Digital Crew Center offers a wide range of features, is easy to use and manage while setting new standards in UI design.”

DigitalCrew Beta Tester


Q: It’s free, but are there any restrictions that are only available on paid plans?

A: No, at the moment there’s only one free plan, which gives you access to all DigitalCrew features. If these features change in the future, you’ll be the first to know!

Q: I’d like a particular feature but it doesn’t exist at the moment, what can I do?

A: We’re always listening to what our customers have to say, and we want to build our application with them in mind. If you need a feature, join the server discord and ask for it. It will be added if the staff team thinks it would be a good addition.

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Amazing thread and product. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to test DigitalCrew early. Can’t wait to see how this CC is going to evolve.


I’m already considering moving my VA to this…


First of all thanks @XY_Magic, it was great to have you as a beta tester and I’m happy with what we were able to release today, it’s partly thanks to you.

And thanks @YT_Sniegutizzz, if you’d like more information, don’t hesitate!


So proud to have been able to help and also test it out! It’s really awesome!


Hey! Very nice website! Just want to know, do I need to be in a real, official VA to use DigitalCrew? And if I create a VA, is it official? Or can the VA be, like, private or personal? Sorry, maybe too much questions! Thank you!

Hello, absolutely, the website is intended to be a Crew Center for already approved VAs but you can of course make your own private VA you log your flights or try out the features. Please note that we are not affiliated with Infinite Flight or the IFVARB.


A new Crew Center on the market? Wow…It looks amazing. Stunning website and high end features. Congratulations to the team on working on such a masterpiece.


Absolutely fantastic work! This is a wonderful app.


Ok, thank you!

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Looks very nice! Good luck with all the competition that there is.


TAROM Virtual is proud to be the second VA to launch this Crew Center to operation (please correct me if I’m wrong)! Everything looks beautiful, stunning, gorgeous!

Lovely job guys, do not keep me down <3

CEO - Sniegg


Thanks everyone!

We hope you like it, if you want to know more, create an account and you’ll see!


Can this be integrated into other website builders, such as Wix?

Hello @Mort, no, we don’t offer direct integration such as embedding or autamatization. You can, however, link your Crew Center (the url of your dashboard once created) to a “Crew Center” button, as is the case with most VAs. If you do this, users with an account will be able to access your crew center directly, without having to go through the DigitalCrew menu.

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Thank you @Stan7 !

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Amazing thread, guys!

I remember back in 2018-2020/21 getting a proper crew centre other than phpVMS was so rare. I’m glad to see the community come out with innovative products to help with VA community continue to thrive! Great work. :)


I am proud to announce that Sun Country Virtual is the next airline which will be launching operations using Digital Crew!

Sun Country Virtual


We are very happy to be able to offer our pilots this new Crew Center and it was a real pleasure to participate in the evolution of the product. Very good job guys!

Aleo / CEO


Hello, we’re delighted that you’ve created your VA. However, promotion is not allowed here in this thread. Furthermore, if you wish to welcome other people to your VA, you will probably have to be certified by the IFVARB.

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