Digital vs Verbal atc

Which one do you like better [poll type=regular]

  • Digital
  • Verbal
    and why do you like it?

Verbal ATC because it adds more realism, unless these are the controllers πŸ˜‚


Haha! I totally love Air Force Proud 95! LOL
I like verbal because it adds to the realism of the sim.


Hi Jay,

This topic needs a little more context and information, please.

When I clicked on this topic I thought it would give me some informative information about the difference between digital and verbal and offer a bit more context to the vote in order to incite some productive debate.


This is sort of confusing me. Do you mean IRL or in IF?

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I believe it would be better for verbal, its more realistic & aslo would be easier than pressing everything while if you have turtlebeaches that have bluetooth like in my case, I am able to hear clearly and speak clealy while minimalizing the backround noise while giving us the ability to get some experience speaking propper atc terminology & phrases. I believe that digital should be available if the circumstances aren’t ideal with an example of airforceproud95’s videos (Personaly a sub/fan). At the same time, I hope that even though it may be pointless without other aircraft, players would still be able to have some sort of atc while practicing in solo which is recommended when first starting. @LouDon16 i hope that gives more β€œsubstance” to this topic & take account that I do not have live due to the fact I am waiting for an wifi internet connection to avoid data usage, lagging, etc. meaning my opinions are based on the fact i dont have atc or live.

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