Diffrent airports for atc in us

When atc is in the us, at least recently it’s only ever been in either Houston or Newark. I was just thinking if we can start using more airports more often like Washington, Chicago, Las Vegas etc? Because at much as I love the atc on expert, it’s starting to get a bit boring with the same places every time.

I can recall several instances in the past few months where Chicago and Las Vegas has been featured.

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Tyler chooses airports based on trends. If you would like a more variety of airports, the best plan is to start taking off and landing at those airports because if Tyler sees a trend, he will feature them.


You do have a point, the ATC schedule does become repetitive. I suggest sending a PM to Tyler Shelton with some suggestions for new ATC locations, be sure to be specific though!

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Ok no problem. I’m not trying to be horrible or anything I’m just thinking f something that will make it better than it currently is :)

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What Drummer said was probably the best answer, just fly more in that area and you’ll get in it some day😉

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It’s not that but when there are different airports open only acouple of aircraft fly there and most just stick to one or two airports, and would rather wait 20 mins to takeoff, I often open different airports if I’m lucky I may get 3 or 4 guys while 100 + fly to one airport.

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Washington was featured a few days ago. 🙂

Assuming you’re referring to KIAD.


Even better guys… How about this:

  1. Make a list of airports in which you feel haven’t been featured in a while (Just Class Bravos for example)
Airport Last Featured
  1. Go to #atcschedule and/or #fnf and go through each topic. Mark down when they were last featured
Airport Last Featured
KSEA June 18th - ATC Schedule Hub
KLAS April 12th - ATC Schedule Hub
KORD June 12th - FNF (Hub)
KIAD June 19th - FNF (Non Hub)
KMIA June 16th - ATC Schedule Hub

There’s a good chance that they have actually been featured within the past 2-3 months. It’s crazy how fast time flies!

So if you think about it this way… There are 37 Class Bravo Airports and 122 Class Charlie Airports in the United States alone! With 1,200 international airports around the globe; it would take 171 weeks to feature each international airport as the main hub! Overall, Tyler has done a ton of research into selecting airports each week to ensure that there is a large variety.

As others have said, if you try my method above – and an airport hasn’t been featured in a year… Feel free to message @Tyler_Shelton with the reasons you feel the airport should be featured! Tyler takes community feedback and loves doing this job to please the Infinite Flight user base! Trust me - he doesn’t bite! Just be polite and give him facts!


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