Difficulty setting up flights from small airfields

I’m curious what everyone else thinks…

Occasionally I like to take the TBM or C172 from an uncontrolled field nearby my choice of destination airport, basically to make a short flight to rack up my landings needed for grade 3.

The trouble i run into is that most smaller fields have no taxiways/aprons/gates, so the flight starts hot in takeoff position. However, on the training server this means the Weight and Balance settings are unavailable.

I’ve been working around this by setting up a dummy flight at some Charlie or Bravo field nearby, do the settings i want, then End Flight and restart at my intended departure.

Is this just the way things work? Is there some way to adjust settings at smaller, ready for takeoff fields?

Thanks for any thoughts!

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Personally whenever I’m at an airport with no taxiways or spawn points to adjust weight and balance I just taxi to the side of the runway where it allows me to adjust weight and make a flightplan, then I’ll get back on the runway to start my flight.

Really no other way around it until those airports are edited to have spawn points or aprons/taxiways.


I would not have expected that to be possible, I’ll try that from now on. Thanks!

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Just make sure that the runway isn’t raised off the ground before you taxi off the runway or you might fall off the edge lol.

But you should be good just taxiing a few feet off the runway whether there’s a ledge or not. Then just get back on the runway when you’re ready to takeoff


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