Difficulty renewing monthly payments with LiveFlight.

I went into the app to do the application renewal (monthly) when I make the purchase it says that the purchase was made and is loading.

-I looked at my credit card, it’s okay.

-I called my bank and it’s all right.

can anybody help me?


You could try purchasing through the website.

Just to note LiveFlight is not affiliated with Infinite Flight so any issues should be direct to the Third party category. Support is only for issues with Infinite Flight.


@Cameron May be able to assist.

I already tried and took a picture of the second image and got a message “waiting for stripe” 'eternally the same app.

The second time I tried to buy the app Store says that the purchase has already been made and that the application will restore and so far nothing.

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Try emailing live flight directly at contact@liveflightapp.com and see if that gets you a quicker response. Again unfortunately third parties are not affiliated with Intinite Flight FDS however you should be able to receive assistance here, but I’m not sure how long it will be before a live flight developer is available. If they don’t respond to your email someone with the team should be able to help you out here shortly.

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Thanks you for attention.

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