Difficulty purchasing Live

Hi ,
My Device is a Galaxy A3 (2015) with 1.5 GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 410 Quad Core at 1.9gHz. I was trying to purchase Live via the app (To find you can’t) then I went to your website and Went to purchase it and it came up in USD not GBP (Error Uno) then I thought maybe I can try but signing up via the app and I saw Google wasn’t working so I tried Facebook and All that it came. Up with was a White box with Authenticate. Can you guys help me 1) Buy IF in GBP and too to Login!

I am running Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow (No Hope in getting 7.0 😢)

Many Thanks


I’m having trouble understanding exactly what’s the problem… but let’s give it a shot :)
You say you can’t purchase live via the app? You have to sign-in for that first of all. But as i understand it, you try to sign in via Facebook but you only get a white box when you try?


I’m logged in with Facebook and when I bought Live+ about a month ago I had no issues, maybe this is a new bug idk…

Hi ,
basically I try to sign up to buy Live via the app and When I press sign up with Facebook I get a Box saying Authenticate at the Top and A White Box at the bottom. (Can I send a Link to a Image , For some reason the Website isn’t allowing me)

Hmm , It maybe has a new bug , I just purchased the app (About a Hour Ago)

I’ll go along the usual “Delete and reinstall the app” suggestion. Try it, you never know, it might work! :)


If you’re on your phone, you should find something called “Upload” in the right bottom corner… From there you can upload a picture :)

I do that And It refreshes the page when I do it XD

That’s odd… Well, re-install then. As you only encounter a white page when trying to sign up, it’s hard to do anything but re-install unfortunately.

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I got it too work! (was my settings on the RAM management) Also I reinstalled and It did not Work

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Try disconnecting from your WiFi and use cellular for signing up?

It worked! I turned off all my Developer Options and It sprung to life (Must of been my Dev Options playing it up)

Thanks for the Help!
See you in the Skies!


PM me and we can arrange to fly some day :)