Difficulty in downloading aircraft

Device: Redmi K60
Operating system: Android 13

I recently purchased an Android device and had difficulty in downloading Pro-exclusive aircraft as it always remained at 0% even after waiting for hours.

However, all free aircraft which can be played without pro subscription could be easily downloaded.

Although my subscription was purchased using IOS, I have successfully logged in my account on my Android device and the pro status can be recognised. I could still play free aircraft and access expert service with ATC features.

Could anyone please advise how this issue can be addressed? Thanks.

Restart the device… that could do the trick

Thanks. Always the first thing to do. Not worked……

do you have enough storage in your device? maybe try deleting some unnecessary apps?

Hi @Muou, can you check if you have “Automatic Airplane Downloads Over Cellular Data” checked in settings? It’s under the “Online” section.

This is a brand new device with plenty of storage. Otherwise, even free aircraft could not be downloaded

is your device compatible with IF?

Is your connection good or bad? Can you connect to the live server?

Hello! Just checked, it was on.

Definitely, I have no problem flying free aircraft such as A321 on any server.

Do you have pro or are you on an account that has pro?

Yes I can and I can play the game on any server as long as the aircraft I am playing could be downloaded

how long were you ending up waiting

I am using my own account, but the pro was purchased via IOS. By linking to the Community account I am able to also use Pro on other devices disregarding iOS or Android.

For free aircraft, a few second.
For aircraft needed subscription, endless……

is this a problem for all the servers or just a specific server

The scenario described in my post applied to all servers.

hmmm I have no idea. I am definitely not an expert on this stuff, sorry. You could contact any of the staff and have them try and give a solution

Thank you for ur time for trying to help out!

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