difficulty in atc operation

hey there
i am facing difficulties in atc simulations from the past 2 weeks.
when i spawn as the controller ,everything seems fine but minutes later the callsigns of the planes do not appear. instead “unknown-unknown” appears but still the aircraft requests taxi,takeoff,etc and there are no command tags for the same when clicked on that call sign. instead of command tags the space is empty.
i had to end the session and start a new session of the same frequency at the same airport.
then, everything appeared normal ,the call sign of aircraft appeared “delta 425”.

the same happens more often at peak hrs of an airport (say EGLL,KLAX,KSFO,etc)

is this a problem with my device.or anything else?

Hello! How is your internet connection during the sessions and do you stay in the app without opening up other apps during the session?

I’ve experienced this problem controlling at busy airports before. Usually ending and starting a new session seems to do the trick!

the connection is fine and no other apps except IF are active.

Are you on WiFi or cellular?

Wi-Fi connection

Are you on Cellaur, if yes. That happen to me.

And this has been happening multiple times? Not just once? Every time you control?

yes, each and every time

I think you have to wait until 18.5 to get this fix, but I am not sure.

Do you have the latest update already installed?

try this: restart the device and the infinite flight account
check that you have the latest update
check that you have enough space
and have enough wifi signal

this happens a lot to me to i would have to end it and restart its really annoying

  • Does it happen to one or all planes?
  • Do they switch at the same time or are they staggered?
  • What device are you on?
  • What are your graphics settings? Can you change the settings to low or medium and see if that helps.
  • Are you on a VPN?
  • Have you rebooted your home network router? Please be advised that we cannot troubleshoot your home router and if there are firewall rules in place that are more strict than the standard setup you may need to reach out to your home network admin for resolution.
  • Have you tried taking it to another wifi network and seeing if it happens there. Friend’s wifi, coffee shop, etc? Are you able to try it on cellular and see if it works?

We are aware of it happening for individual planes and usually it is caused by a connection issue on the pilot side.

Was there a thread that stated this was fixed in that release? I must have missed the memo.

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