difficulty connecting a switch board to IF


As you can see from the pic, I have an old board on which I hooked up a variety of different switches and rotaries. Switches tend to be ON/OFF, or ON/OFF/ON.

I hooked it up via USB/OTG cable. If Recognises the switches, and I can configure them.

However, once in the pit, the signal flickers. E.g I select switch one, and the command (say brakes), flickers wildly on and off and on and… Etc

The switches work ok as I tested on the computer. So perhaps there’s an issue with making this work in IF?

Aby thoughts?




I have no way to help you, perhaps some of our more technical people can. Or you may need someone from the devs to comment on this.
But I’d love to know how you get on with this.


Thanks, I’d like that. It would be cool to get it working

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Could you test the brakes with another button/joystick setup.

I had a similar issue where it flickers on my saitek foot pedals, but if I assign the brake keys to my saitek flight yoke buttons it works fine


Cool stuff!

Issue is IF only currently has support for push buttons, not toggles. That’s something I need to add.

Those could work better in the meantime, since you’re controlling the hardware ;)



Thanks @Laura. I unplugged all the other heavy duty ON-OFF switches, and left the push to talk one (top left of the board), and it works just fine.

Do you have an idea whether adding support for ON/OFF switches can be shipped in the next update, or is that going to be a longer-term thing? I ask so I know how to organise things moving forward (e.g. invest in PPT buttons, or just hold tight)

Also, when I unplug the USB/OTG cable, and reset defaults in the settings, it doesn’t reset unless I exit IF and reset it again upon opening the app. Is that a known issue? If so, any way this could also be addressed in the next update? what would be ideal is to just unplug the OTG cable and get going.

Thanks again!

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How did you make this? I’ve found a new project for my next holidays :)

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