Difficulties with rudder and reverse thrust after touchdown


It seems to quite a persistent issue on my end, where reverse thrust would automatically disengage, and the rudder going back to the middle. This has nearly cost me numerous violations, and has been very frustrating.

I own a iPad 6th generation. I have restarted my device, no solution found


Could you finger have slipped off the screen?

Maybe if this could’ve happened once. This has happened every other flight.

Rudder will always go back to the middle of you don’t hold it down. Reversers will only stay on if you have it held down.

Then the button must’ve been really close to the bottom where taps aren’t registered. Can’t see anything technical to do with it.

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I’ve never had this issue before, with nearly the thousand flight I have done.

Have you left the heading bug activated on the autopilot? Not sure if this could explain?

AutoPilot is completely off.

I have had this too. Sometimes the thumb would slide too far off the screen and it register it as not on there any more. I just have to be more careful.

This happens on my iPad too, I have one possible explanation. Your finger is on the screen but the main pressure point is outside the edge of the screen. To understand what that means, you need to be aware that apple has designed the iPad to ignore touches from the very very far edges of the screen because it sees it as incidental touches, as in holding the iPad and your fingers are wrapped around it for support, they could touch the edges of the screen and disturb the flow of your work (or your movie or book), so apple designed an algorithm to ignore these touches sometimes and register it as an accidental touch. Sometimes though, in very cases, like in infinite flight, the algorithm can register touches that are intentional as accidental, because people who designed the algorithm didn’t put in mind that some of us will be using rudder controls very close to the edge. The best way I found to work around that is to control the rudder a bit from the top (away from the edge). Try it and tell me if it works.

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